The Florida Coalition to End Homelessness (FCEH) members stand as one voice to improve policy and increase funding to prevent and end homelessness in the State of Florida.


Legislative Advocacy begins with you! FCEH welcomes you to join our team and advocate for our legislative priorities with your Florida State Representatives and Senators.FCEH Members provided input and suggestions for each year’s State Legislative Priorities.  The approved FCEH priorities for the 2024 Legislative Session​ have been approved by CoC members at our Annual Meeting on June 30, 2023.  


Priority #1 Background Screening Exemption for Persons with Lived Experience  
Ask:   Support legislation which would allow persons with lived homeless experience with minor background findings to be exempt from background check disqualification.  
Priority #2 Continue Homeless Continuum of Care Staffing Grant
Ask: Maintain current Fiscal Year Funding for the recurring base budget Homeless Staffing Grants ($5.2 million)
Priority #3 Continue Homeless CoC Recurring Challenge Grant Funding
Ask: Maintain current Fiscal Year Funding for the recurring base budget Homeless Challenge Grants ($16.84 million)
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Information about laws that target individuals experiencing homelessness

For the past few years , the Nation has seen an increase in laws that criminalize homelessness. These laws punish our neighbors who have no other choice but to sleep on the streets.  We are now seeing a well-funded, coordinated push for those laws in States across the Nation. Housing Not Handcuffs is a national campaign created by the National Homelessness Law Center and the National Coalition for the Homeless to end the criminalization of homelessness and to advocate for housing as a human right. 

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The State of Florida has introduced HB1365 and SB1530, an anti-camping law.  Although the bill does not criminalize homelessness, it does put local Government in the position of managing homelessness (moving people off public streets) instead of solving homelessness in their community.  We thank Representative Garrison for meeting with us about this bill.  We have prepared a statement and talking points for advocates to speak with their local representatives and local government.  We urge the State and local officials to work with their local Homeless Continuum of Care to ensure individuals experiencing homelessness have access to services and are treated like any other Florida resident - with dignity and respect.  

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