FCEH AmeriCorps Project

FCEH is proud to partner with AmeriCorps, a national service program that provides opportunities for individuals to serve their communities in many different capacities (often called the domestic version of the Peace Corps). We will engage 10 FTE AmeriCorps members annually who serve from 5-10 months through the AmeriCorps State program. In exchange for a living stipend, educational award, and valuable on-the-job experience, members commit to intensive service that furthers our mission of caring for those who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless.

Thank You to our Partners For Making this Project Possible!

Looking for Leaders To Join Our Team! 

The AmeriCorps Leadership Fellow (Member) will support healthcare and employment services, forging connections with individuals experiencing homelessness, offering support, resources, and facilitating access to both healthcare and housing services. Furthermore, these Members will assist participants in housing programs by aiding them in securing employment within the realm of homeless services, delivering educational and vocational assistance. AmeriCorps operates as a domestic counterpart to the Peace Corps, with its members dedicating a year to the community, engaging in hands-on service initiatives. AmeriCorps members acquire invaluable expertise in crisis intervention, outreach efforts, advocacy, guiding individuals through housing and healthcare systems, managing cases, delivering exceptional best practice, collecting and analyzing data, creating resources, designing program strategies, and orchestrating collaborative partnerships.  Persons with lived experience will be prioritized for this positon.  Certification in Homeless Services and On the Job Training will be provided.

This is a full time limited opportunity for a total of 900 Hours of service.  This is a direct service position providing outreach services to individuals experiencing homelessness.  

This position is a service position.  The living allowance for is $1,020 bimonthly (twice per month).  You will be able to receive childcare coverage through AmeriCorps if you qualify.  You are eligible for a student loan deferment and an educational award of $3,447.50 at the end of your service. For more information about the educational award, please visit:  AmeriCorps

Location Options:  Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Polk County/Tampa Area, Lee County and Collier County

Dates of Service:  November - July

Apply Now To Be A Leader

Send an email with your resume and cover letter explaining why you are interested in this position.  

After a telephone call with our AmeriCorps team, you will have an interview with the FCEH AmeriCorps Project Director and the site location.

Apply Now  

If you are chosen for the position, you will need to complete paperwork and a background check. After orientation, you will report to the site location.